Sharing stories about our unique island people and culture is how Jodie connects with the community.  The wise, the compassionate, the warriors, and the visionaries that live here have stories to teach, encourage, and inspire.  It is her goal to bring value to publications with feature articles that broadens the mind-set of its readers.

PROMOTIONAL LITERATURE, such as, brochures, websites, and advertisements.

Promoting businesses, non-profit organizations, performances, and events are done in a “story-telling” style. Jodie believes in telling a story about who you are and what you are promoting to gain the trust of your target audience.  Her perspective of promoting a service, product, or event starts with the question, “How can I be of service?” Contact Jodie if you feel this is the right approach for you.


Speeches for special occasions – Polishing up speeches for special occasions, such as, milestone birthdays, weddings, eulogies, or remembrances. The goal of editing will be to improve flow and articulation while maintaining the intention and integrity of your speech.

Emcee scripts – There are specific requirements that go with program scripts that involve time, flexibility, and coordination.  Typically, there will be an initial meeting to go over the event’s schedule, various details, and overall goals of the event.

Business letters – Jodie integrates her 10 years experience in her family’s accounting firm with her love for writing. Her professional business letters are to the point, and when necessary, sympathetic to challenging situations. Attaining a balance of professionalism and sensitivity gives business clients confidence and peace of mind.

For services, contact Jodie at


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